About Us

In order to invite spiritual leaders to promote and learn more about Jainism and to celebrate Jain festivals, the Jain community of Cincinnati and Dayton founded a Jain center in 1978 with an initial membership of 20 families. As the centers' activities grew the general body decided to build a place of worship between Cincinnati and Dayton. One Ahimsa Day, October 4th, 199, under the spiritual leadership of late Acharya Sushil Mun i, the center purchased 11 acres of land and built the first Jain temple in Southwest Ohio. The Bhoomi Poojan took place in August 1994, the building was inaugurated in May 1995, and the Pratishtha ceremony took place in September 1995. The center serves the tristate area (Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana) and currently has about 175 family members including 15 life members.

Jain Center of Cincinnati and Dayton hold many activities to promote Jain doctrines and beliefs, and provide academic, cultural, and intellectual interchanges with the Jain community. Throughout the years, the center has invited many speakers to celebrate auspicious Jain events and festivals in which both adults and youth participate in. The youth have been participating in many activities such as the essay contest organized annually by the Boston Jain Center. Furthermore, the youth have attended summer camps organized by Federation of JAINA, Siddhachalam and local Jain centers. The youth have also been heavily involved in YJA Conventions as well as English Pratikraman on Samvatsari Day. Many youths have also served or are serving on our Executive Committee.